"Pa'que Te Metas Adentro"
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Esta Noche Yo (4:45)
Insoportable Companera (4:26)
A Juana Borrero (5:25)
Reina De Los Mares (4:42)
Loco Sonador (5:22)
17 De Diciembre (4:54)
Pa'que Te Metas Adentro (5:31)
Caballo Desbocao (5:36)
Quitate La Cascara (4:59)
Como El Pobre Al Dinero (4:19)
11 Un Compositor A Solas (4:16)
An ardent fan of the radio Hanny, also known as Leosbel Jimenez Licea, was inspired by the sounds that were popular in the forties, fifties and sixties in Cuba. As a boy he would often hear neighbours, in the Havana suburb of Vedado, singing along to the songs of Benny More and Miguelito Valdes.

This became his training and his musical education and the start of his musical career. Melodies and lyrics that were swimming around in his young head were desperate to be released and played. Family and friends found a workable guitar handed it to him and from then on Hanny didn't stop singing and creating music.

Born in Havana, Cuba he was 12 years old when he wrote his first love song "Caballo Desbocao". Its about the crazy behaviour of a man madly in love with a woman who is reluctant to return his passion. Sixteen years later it is one of the fresh sounds on Hanny's new album "Pa' que te metas adentro".