Elio Revé Jr y su Charangón
"Changüí en la Casa de Nora"
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Changüí a casa de Nora (Elio Revé Duverger) Changüí 4:59
Bueno, bueno y qué (Juan Almeida Bosque) Son-Changüí 4:02
Muévete paŒ quí (Carlos Manuel Tomé Batista) Changüí 4:54
Soy Revé (Leonel González Pupo) Changüí 5:07
Iyabó (Benigno Echmendía Oliva) Rumba-Changüí 5:03
Pensamiento absurdo (Juan Ballestero Suárez) Changüí 4:38
Al principio (Victor Faustino Torres Crespo) Changüí 5:50
La visita (Norberto Chang) Changüí 4:46
El Trompo (Blas Muñoz Gastón) Changüí 5:48
La dueña de la Habana (Manuel Cajigal Rivera) Changüí 4:31

Since their formation in 1956, as well as being one of the most important Cuban bands, Orquesta Reve has qualified as Cuba's most important musical school; a place where many of the country's top musicians from bands such as Los Van Van, Los Dan Den and Los 440, began their artistic careers. Now led by Elio Revé Jr, and with an extensive international touring schedule, the legendary band have recorded their long awaited and exclusive album for Tumi Music which presents the rhythm of Changüí from a new and exciting angle. Elio Revé senior was born in Guantánamo in 1930. From a very early age he played quinto and bombo drum at the carnivals in Santiago and Guantánamo. He soon became a great rumba musician, a qualified dancer of the French tumba and a true master of changüí. In 1955 he left for Habana and began working with several bands until in 1956 he formed Orquesta Revé. He was the first to use the five-key timbal, one of the first to incorporate the trombone sound into an orchestra, he experimented by bringing in the batá drums into popular music and he created a unique sound when he played the timbales. These musical achievements earned his band the title of "Orquesta Padre" or "Father of all Orchestras" and through his accomplishments directing and heading Orquesta Revé, Elio became known as "El Padre de la Salsa" or The Father of Salsa. In 1997, the legendary and innovative musical director Elio Revé was killed in a freak road accident. His musical legacy fortunately lives on through his son, Elio Revé Jr who has, since his very first steps as a professional pianist, been a key element in his father's band Orquesta Revé; more commonly known as El Charangón.