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Isla de Sueños
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Isla de sueños (Rubén Rodríguez) salsa 4.21
SOS corazón (Rubén Rodríguez) rap/salsa 6.30
El hermanito llorón (Rubén Rodríguez) merengué 3.48
Juega conmigo (Rubén Rodríguez) salsa 3.50
Chan Chan (Francisco Replado) salsa 3.51
Son de la loma (Miguel Matamoros) salsa 4.08
Maracaibo (José A. Castañeda) salsa 3.32
Pequeñuelo (L. Rosabal) salsa 3.58
Canta cantor (Eduardo Morales) salsa 4.36
Milagro de amor (Rubén Rodríguez) merengué 4.00

The famous Cuban salsa band 'Son 14' singer Rubén Rodríguez had a great idea on a family trip to Santiago de Cuba. After seeing a local kids talent competition, he suggested to his sons Rubencito and Gabriel, aged 9 and 7 to form a band with their friend Andy, then aged 9. After months of rehearsals they performed their first gig in the Gaviota beach Club near Varadero in June 1996. The performance was a great success and their career got off to a brilliant start. Rubén Rodríguez Jr, 12, is the eldest. He wants to be like Ricky Martin because "he hasn't got a great voice, but is great on stage and conquers the audience with his charisma. Among the Cuban bands he naturally prefers his father's band, 'Son 14'. He gives us a naughty giggle when he admits he likes to have the girls all over him during - and after - the shows. Not surprisingly, he wants to remain famous when he grows up. Ruben's younger brother Gabriel Rodríguez is 10 and has been following his father and brother's performances around Cuba since the tender age of 6. He loves salsa because, "I feel it with my heart and makes me dance naturally." He admires the famous Venezuelan singer Oscar D'León. Andy Rubal is 12 and started singing at 5 in a children's group where he met Rubencito. After joining the trio, he became another member of the family. He has shared big stages with famous bands like NG La Banda and Paulito FG and has performed to great appraise on Cuban TV.